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Know-how Systems (KhS) is an international, proven skilled-labor resource for OEMs and SuppliersWe provide customizable solutions for manufacturers to get inventory market ready.  

Servicing OEMs across North America with:

  • Catastrophe hail repairs
  • Managing supply chain disruptions
  • Workforce multiplier – supplying manpower to plants and suppliers
  • Tire, Key and Battery railyard and storage yard solution
  • Build-shy strategies – installing electrical, body or mechanical hard parts and systems
  • Claims and Appraisal services
  • Automotive repairs to include painting, damaged part replacement and water remediation
  • Proprietary software solutions to manage operations


KhS’s mission is to be a one stop shop for automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, and insurers. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and highest quality vehicle repair and processing operations in the industry. 

Catastrophe Services

KhS provides comprehensive support during critical incidents and emergencies. These incidents might result in the need for commercial hail repairs using Dent Wizard’s Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). We can also handle wind losses, including glass, hard part replacement and paint. Overspray and contaminant rectification also fall in our available catastrophe services, as well as flood remediation. We offer international coverage. 

OEM Services

KhS offers OEM Services including mechanical rework and corrections, paint rectification and repair, bumper repairs, long-term maintenance, and skilled temporary labor solutions. We also provide sheet metal, hard part, glass and plastic part replacement and/or alignment. 

In-Transit Repairs

Our in-transit repair services focus on coming to rail yards and storage lots, to help with tasks like battery testing and replacement, key replacement and programming, and tire and wheel replacement and repairs. We have a claims management team and are direct assignments capable. 

If there is anything you might need help with that isn’t listed here, contact us to find out if we can be of service to you. 

Insurance Claim Services

We play a crucial role in assisting with Commercial and Property & Casualty insurance claims by providing appraisal services and vehicle repair services at the loss site. We handle direct assignment for hail, collision, flood, wind, and theft losses. Our goal is to streamline the entire process, which is a major reason we have a dedicated call center. 

Established and Proven

A division of Dent Wizard International, the largest provider of vehicle reconditioning services in North America. We have rapid response capabilities and are experienced working with OEMs. 

Leader in Automotive Solutions

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